“I bought the TipMeNot when my youngest was 6 months old (he’s 9-months-old now), and it is a very useful product! We use Dr. Brown’s bottles and the TipMeNot is easy to slip on and off of them. It has not only helped my baby learn to better hold his own bottle, but it keeps the bottle from spilling when the bottle is knocked over (which is very helpful since we are using a level 4 nipple flow). The rubber is soft, yet is sturdy/thick, which makes for a lasting product and a great teething toy. I wish I had had one of these for my first born (who never learned to hold his own bottle). I plan to give the TipMeNot to friends at their baby showers, as this product would make a useful gift! ”  – M. Louis (mother of two)

We LOVE our Tipmenot!! Our independent baby was over having mama and daddy give her a bottle, but she couldn’t figure out how to hold it herself. The first time we put the Tipmenot on her bottle (around 7.5 months), she picked it up and tilted her head back to drink! You could see how proud she was of herself! When she got a little older she picked up the habit of tossing her bottle around the house…. having the TipMeNot on her bottle kept it from getting dirty and saved us from washing that bottle more times than I can count! At 14 months it’s still a favorite as her main teething toy. I’ve told everyone about it and will definitely be getting them for friends as a gift. Great idea and it worked so well for us at more than one stage… way better than most of the baby products we get that she seems to grow out of in a few weeks. We used them on Avent Natural bottles and Medela as well for anyone who is wondering if they will fit.” – Meredith B.

My baby had difficulty holding her bottle herself so the TipMeNot was great when we needed to feed her on the go, in her car seat, and even just laying on the floor if I had to attend to other things around the house. She was able to grip and manipulate the TipMeNot very easily and really enjoyed teething on it when she was done with her bottles!” – Unknown Customer

Most unique, multi useful, and well designed baby product! Highly recommended!!! My one year old still loves to play with it as a teether. If you don’t have one- get one! And buy one for all your friends and their babies!!!” – Nancy G. (mother of two)

I gave one of these to a friend, and her baby immediately seemed to know what to do with it! He grabbed it and “drank it dry” with no trouble at all — great idea and product!” – Ann L.

“I love the concept of this design. My kids are through the baby stage but I would’ve loved to have had a product like this. I bought 2 as gifts and the recipients love their ease! This is definitely my go-to baby gift. All parents want their babies to become independent. Brilliant design.” – Donna H. (mother of two)

We purchased two of these during the Kickstarter campaign for our niece and nephew, they loved them and it certainly appeared to allow the babies to hold a bottle much easier…plus it made an excellent teething toy! I will definitely buy another when the need arises.” – Wes. B (father of two)

I bought one of these for myself during the Kickstarter campaign! I don’t even have children yet, but I was so impressed with the concept and design, I ordered one! Opening it, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of its construction, and how easy it will be to use!” – Meaghen B.

“Got a TipMeNot during its Kickstarter campaign and I was very impressed with its quality and usefulness. It’s made of a very heavy but soft rubber. This allows you to stretch it as necessary to fit different bottles. I used it on Avent and Doc Brown bottles as well as Tommy Tippee bottles. I stuck with using it for Avent bottles primarily because it was useful with the large 8 oz bottles. My child would reach out and grab at the leaves of the TipMeNot. I found it most useful as a stand, however, so that I could easily set it down on a surface and have it always angled so it wouldn’t leak – the only trick is to make sure to put it near the nipple so that when setting it down, it was properly balanced to prevent leaks. Great quality product!” – – John L.