TipMeNot, LLC is a Veteran-Owned Business

We are a family – literally. My name is Jason Gordon. My wife, Lathem, and I came up with the TipMeNot concept after the birth of our little girl, Dargan. She had difficulty learning to feed herself with a baby bottle. It was difficult teaching her to hold the bottle and tilt it toward her mouth. We tried rolling up a blanket to brace the bottle, using different bottles, and even adding rubber bands to make it easy to grip. We tried everything to keep it from rolling off of her chest and wetting the floor, the car seat, the bed, etc.

We brought in my technically-savvy brother, Wyatt, to help us develop a concept for remedying the issue. After a few rudimentary drawings, we hired LaunchLab Design & Development to create a prototype model and packaging for the TipMeNot.

We work together as a family to manufacture, market, sell, and otherwise run the TipMeNot business. We are a new company but hope to be on a shelf near you in late 2015. In the meantime, if you want to order the TipMeNot for sale in your retail establishment, please feel free to fill out the Order Form or  Contact Us.